Contem is a Stockholm based design studio founded in 2021 by Cristian Lind and Jack Dalla Santa.


We work on design assignments to tailor environments for both businesses and individuals. From designing rooms to manufacturing and sourcing furniture and products to fill them, all with the ambition that no new materials should be extracted for our production.

We are driven by the conviction that the most sustainable materials are the ones which has already been used and that there is an inherent beauty in the traces of past use that the material manifests.

With handmade and dimensionally adapted manufacturing, we work with high-quality reclaimed material that would otherwise have gone to waste, to create refined furniture and spaces.


All our furniture are added to our catalogue and can be ordered on our webpage. All furniture is produced locally in Stockholm

Cristian Lind

Jack Dalla Santa


Questions and inquiries

Kronobergsgatan 9, 112 38 Stockholm