Bar Contem

Contem was invited by Stockholm Creative Edition to build a main venue in central Stockholm during the design week between the dates 17–22 May 2022.

The bar served coffee during daytime and became a restaurant and bar run by chef Martin Brag during the evenings. The venue hosted press events and acted as point of information for the week. The furniture in the space were all made from reclaimed timber from the Stockholm region and produced locally.


002 Armchair was chosen to be one of 80 products to be exhibited at Trä Art 2022 in Bodafors.

The exhibition is curated to display international and national products that show inventions and curiosity within wood craft. Visit the website and read more about 002 Armchair.

Stockholm Design Week

Contem exhibited their first three furniture pieces 001 chair, 002 armchair and 003 stool during Stockholm Design Week in February.

The pieces were made out timber from a container in Stockholm where beams from a demolition project were collected.

Find out more about Stockholm Design Week here.

001 Chair

001 Chair is Contems first piece of furniture. The chair is constructed out of reclaimed wood and manufactured locally in Stockholm. The timber for the prototype comes from a container in Stockholm where beams from a demolition project were collected.

001 Chair is ready to be ordered in the catalogue and can be delivered with various custom treatments.

Coffee Table

The new product 005 Coffee Table is made out of oak from the island Ekerö, Stockholm and has been cut down because of decease. Each table is constructed out of wooden pieces coming from the same tree and assembled to form legs and table top.

005 Coffee Table is soon available for ordering and can be made from various types of wood and dimensions.

Stockholms Bränneri

Contem has design the shelving system Rivar for the distillery Stockholms Bränneri’s bar Brännerian at Folkungagatan in Stockholm. The system is made out of pine wood from trees that was taken down because of infrastructure development on the island Ekerö outside of Stockholm.

Visit Brännerian at Folkungagatan 136 and book a table here. More information about shelving system Rivar coming soon.